Is Cadet Training Also A Party Militia Activity?

There is no absolute doubt that, Manasseh Azure Awuni is a top-notch when it comes to striking with the pen as well as his hardcore investigative work(s).He has contributed immensely in the fight against corruption. This doesnt mean that, any work he brings to the public for consumption shouldnt be subjected to scrutiny.

WHen you are taking a meal, you dont just take it, you look at the very meal you are consuming for your safety.

Let it also not be miscontrued by readers that, this article seeks to scorn his recent documentary which has offered the NDC an opportunity to make noise in an attempt to water down the heat on their party chairman who is still battling the CID for his leaked tape. I am only seeking to proffer an opinion on the subject matter.

Even before we were told that, joynews was going to show a documentary of a party militia group under training, we were also informed that, their training was ahead of 2020 election by a publication on

We were glued to our television set monitoring the ongoing AWW commission of inquiry where joynews had to pause for a breaking news with shocking headlines. The host of the show made it clear that, the government in power was connected to the activities of DE- EYE group believed to be a paramilitary organisation.

Some of us didnt get the opportunity to watch it that very day but watched it the following day. At the time i was watching the film ,i was confused because, the full documentary didnt match the catchy and sensational headlines we saw as a publication on myjoyonline. It was after watching the footage i got to realise that, the documentary failed to capture the headline which might have been the reason why everybody decided to abandon his or her work purposely for the show in the evening.

People who were going to make love with the wives that very moment had to put it in abeyance just to appreciate how the drama was going to unfold, bearing in mind Nana Akufo Addo's firm stance on "party militia" grouping whose work is to engage in setting confusion during by election(s).

In the documentary, ladies and gentleman were seen training without fire arms. The training was described as a military training because, ex military men were leading the parade. Again ,nowhere in the documentary was it established that, the group had the blessing of the government contrary to the initial publication before the documentary was aired.

Let it also be known that, Ghana is not a country where citizens would only swallow any piece hook,line and sinker and for that matter, when one picks his camera and says,he is going undercover to unearth, the commission of crime in the dark, he should expect that ,people will definitely raise legitimate issues and such attempt should be seen as healthy intellectual discourse and not the opposite.

Some of us were expecting to see the documentary capture training by the invisible forces or any of the "party militia" publicly associated with the New Patriotic party as admitted by John Boadu when he appeared before the Emile shot commission. The documentary inadvertently failed to feed us any substantial prove to back the claim that, those in the parade were actually being trained ahead of 2020 by this government

In absence of the above, how do we conclude that, De-eye group belongs to the ruling government when in actual fact,no one in the parade or any of their leaders had the chance to be interviewed by manasseh Azure Awuni to know whether or not it is a new party militia branch of the New patriotic party.

I have heard claims on the minority calling on the president to resign because of this documentary which never showed the president direct /indirect involvement in their activities. I wasnt surprised they failed to raise any legal issue to back their alcoholic claim with respect to their demand i consider unconscionable and unconstitutional so to speak.

If today manasseh Azure Awuni is telling us that, the training we saw in the video which is not different from how the cardet trains in our secondary schools is an activity of a "party militia" group, then every cardet training in our jhs/shs is also a party milita activity for want of a better expression in the queen's language.

#Ghana is still at peace and not at war, lets stop the fear and panic and the war mongering#

Dawda Eric(Equity)
Citizen Vigilance for Justice
9th March,2019
[email protected]