Odike Takes Fight To Mahama

Akwasi Addai, aka ‘Odike’, the Founder of United Progressive Party (UPP), has vowed to stop former President John Dramani Mahama from leading Ghana again.

According to him, Mr. Mahama has not changed after he was booted out of political office in 2016 so he can’t be president again.

“I will not allow Mr. Mahama to be the president of Ghana again because he is still the same Mahama we all know.

“After the 2016 defeat, I was expecting Mr. Mahama to change before he seeks the presidential throne again.

“But sadly, Mr. Mahama has not changed. He only accuses the government without providing solutions,” he pointed out.

Speaking on radio, Odike said Mr. Mahama’s “Ghana is hard slogan” is not enough to capture power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“Mr. Mahama should start providing solutions to our problems and rather stop attacking the government,” he added.

Odike said Mr. Mahama’s constant attacks on the NPP over the depreciation of the Ghana cedi against major foreign currencies would not help him to become president again.

“The Ghana Cedi currency also depreciated significantly against major foreign currencies when the NDC was also in political office for eight years.

“He should stop throwing dust into our eyes and rather offer solutions to our problems or else I will personally stop him,” Odike said.

The UPP leader also debunked assertions that Ghanaians have started missing the NDC after two years in opposition.

“It is not true, nobody misses the NDC after their poor leadership, which imposed hardship on the citizenry,” he indicated.