British Airways Passengers Get Full Internet Services

PASSENGERA ONBOARD BRITISH AIRWAYS can now enjoy high speed WiFi because dozens of the airline’s long haul aircraft are now fitted with full streaming capability.

Eighty (80) percent of long haul aircraft will have their systems installed by the end of this year as also all short haul aircraft will be fitted with WiFi.

“WiFi allows customers to browse and stream… using the latest generation technology, British Airways customers are able to use the internet approximately 10 minutes after take-off when the aircraft has passed 10,000 feet. The portal works with the latest operating systems from Apple, Android and Windows, allowing customers to connect on a variety of devices”, the airline states.

It said customers can log on to the airline’s new generation BA app, plus a new British Airways executive club app to make and change bookings.

British Airways is the first airline worldwide to introduce high-tech remote controlled Mototok tug devices to push back aircraft across its short haul operation, and is investing in additional vehicles for its long haul operation.

The machines have reduced push-back delays by more than 70 percent, greatly improving punctuality for customers.

The airline adds that it is the first commercial operator to deploy such devices across the multiple aircraft stands and is now trialing the vehicles on its long haul flights.

The company is also trialing biometric technology to speed up boarding and arrival processes in London, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami and New York, which means some flights can be boarded in as little as seven minutes.

It continues that it is working on new trials at London Gatwick, London City, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas and Houston, adding it is the first and only European airline to use such technology to board international flights out of the US.

More customers of the airline can now take control of more elements of their journey with more than 70 additional new self-bag drop kiosks installed at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and plans to get new kiosks across Terminal 3.

“As well sitting families together for free, British Airways offers families pre-boarding, gives children their own free checked in luggage allowance, plus a free allowance for a pushchair and car seat, complimentary special kids meal on longer flights, special children’s in-flight entertainment and free carrycots as well as baby seats on board flights,” it disclosed.