I’m Ready To Date a ‘Sponsor’ Who Promotes My Music Career — Says eShun

Ghanaian singer eShun says she has no problem with dating someone who is ready to sponsor her music career, aka a sponsor whose d!ck she’ll ride for cash.

According to eShun, she sees nothing wrong with an arrangement like that since it’ll be no different to any caring boyfriend investing in their girlfriend.

eShun was speaking on Luv FM in Kumasi, and was asked if she would be ready to date a man sponsoring her career or she sees it as mixing business with pleasure.

She candidly answered that she would be prepared to date her ‘sponsor’, provided he meets the standards she has set for herself in the man she wants to date.

According to her, it’s not going to be a case of sleeping with a man for money but simply having a boyfriend who decided to pump some of his money into her career.