GRIDCo Pylon Saboteurs "Animals, Thieves" – Amewu

Energy Minister, John Peter Amewu, has condemned the destruction of some pylons near the head office of state power transmitter Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), describing the perpetrators as “thieves” and “animals”.

The pylons, which were destroyed on Monday, 25 March 2018, were discovered by some GRIDCo staff.

Mr Amewu, who inspected the destruction in the course of the day, pointed out that there were measures to protect such installations and other strategic national assets. He, however, added that the authorities “cannot be everywhere at every time and some of these thieves, some of these animals in our society will do things just to outwit the security”.

In his opinion, the action by the suspects constitutes “a complete sabotage” of the work of the power distributors.

“It baffles my mind how human beings can do this to our motherland and any political party that will have some element of association with such activity does not love being in our country,” he told journalists who toured the scene with him.

Mr Amewu said they have detected that all the pylons along that particular stretch have “chemicals placed around them” with the intention to “destroy them in the future”.

He revealed that a committee has been tasked to investigate the sabotage and will make sure that the perpetrators are brought to book with the help of officials from the National Security and the Ghana Police Service.

Meanwhile, Class91.3FM’s Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah, who toured with the minister, reported that power has been restored to the areas that suffered power cuts as a result of the destruction to the pylons which transmit power from Karpower and AKSA to the national grid.