PPP Lauds Government, Parliament For Passing RTI


The Progressive People’s Party will like to applaud Parliament of Ghana for passing the Right to information Bill into Law albeit with few lacunas. We further applaud the boldness of the Executives in finally accepting the challenge to pass this bill into law during their tenure of office, a novelty other regimes could not do. Individuals, media houses, civil societies and other groups that campaign vigorously for 22 years to get this bill passed must equally be commended.

We implore the Attorney General to immediately work on the Legislative Instrument (LI) that will aid the successful implementation of the law.

This Law will bring about transparency in all government dealings and offer the citizenry the opportunity to monitor government policy and project from the beginning to end. It will also help curtail corruption and nepotism in the public sector.

The media and people of Ghana and must take advantage of this law and turn it into a sunshine in government deals and agreement for the benefit of all.

As we applaud the government for a good job done, we caution government not to engage in delay tactics regarding the Legislative Instrument that will make this law functional.

Murtala Mohammed

National Secretary-PPP