NPP, NDC too Powerful, Comfortable; we Need Something Different – Ampofo

A veteran journalist, David Ampofo is championing the course for a complete dimensional change from the conventional party politics to a no-party political era. 

In an extended and detailed write up, the journalist focuses on the history of Ghana’s politics particularly with regards to the two major parties; the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

He highlights how Ghana has become dysfunctional because parties function as ‘businesses’ which inure to the benefits of their members whilst the general good of the country is shoved aside and toyed with. 

His conviction is that, the emergence of a serious no party (independent) candidate will challenge the status quo and get the country working again. 

“It seems to me that the major political parties in Ghana have run their full cycle. There is no sign of reinvention. It's the good old "maintenance of status quo" syndrome. Our parties now function as "businesses" that exist primarily for the well-being of their membership. We've got our party politics wrong. We've made it hard for a President to deliver and for broad, inclusive progress to occur. Something has got to give”, he wrote. 

He made reference to calls from NDC Member, Carl Wilson for an independent no party presidential candidate. 

Mr. Wilson has over time advocated for a president whose actions will not be controlled by party influence, one who will work solely by his principles and ideas for the progress of the country.

He called for an independent president prior to the 2016 elections and most recently called for same to help deal with the menace of party militia in the country. 

Mr. Ampofo, commenting on his calls said; 

“I have just read a Daily Graphic newspaper report quoting Mr Carl Wilson (described variously as a member of the NDC, a political scientist, head of port security during the Millls administration, political activist) as calling for an Independent Presidential Candidate if Ghana is to move in the right direction. I couldn't agree more. I don't know Mr Wilson. I don't even know his thoughts on the matter. I just know that he is talking about a NO PARTY Presidential candidate. And he is spot on”.