And Then Cantata Saw A Rebirth!

Ghanaians were plunged into the hilarious times of yesteryears when our Saturday nights were filled with dramas staged by what we popularly referred to as concerts when the lecture on the economy by Isaac Adongo turned out to be nothing but a comedy of errors.

The heydays of Bob Santo, Bishop Bob Okala, Nkomode, all of them of blessed memories, and the likes of Opia, Agya Koo, Abenkwan, Ice Kenkey and Asaase Aban came to Ghanaians when the NDC addressed the gullibility-laden members of their party yesterday.

It their strenuous attempts to burlesque the encounter held by the Bawumia-led Economic Management Team, the opposition NDC gave to Ghanaians a very satirical drollery aimed at punching holes into what the Bawumia team delivered. At the end of the day, what they sold to us could not even convince the political neophyte out there, let alone those who have had long years in this enterprise. 

The speeches delivered by Adongo and the others were not only languorous but scanty in terms of substance. They offered nothing to counter what the Vice President said at the Town Hall Meeting.

They had no facts to display, no data to disprove what Dr. Bawumia put out there and nothing of evidential value to buttress their own set of claims which cannot be authenticated. 

The counter press event organized by the NDC was more of a melodrama than a serious event tailored to give alternative views to how far the economy has been run but as bad luck would have it, it failed to glitter.

What Ghanaians were served by the Adongo-led 'crack' team were series of jokes which failed to induce smiles from the general populace. 

One doesn't need to hold a masters degree to also decipher that most of the speakers were trying, rather effortfully, to please John Mahama for future favors. The event was to hero-worship John Mahama. 

It was a poorly organized lecture. Topics discussed were out of tune with what the Economic Management Team filled the air with. Nothing like responses came from the Adongo team. 

The entire event was so garbled that it looked like a disjointed fowl being readied for some waiting soup to consume its parts. 

It was a Cantata show without all the uproarious items garnishing it. A reincarnation of the dead and buried Cantata which used to provide entertainment to us in those days has been attempted.

The NDC has nobody to counter Dr. Bawumia. If what we saw was the counter lecture they promised to have, then they ought to have another one because we only witnessed a group of retired, bedraggled souls making vain attempts to reignite their dead political careers.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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