Those Fond Of Using Tight Rubber Band On Their Hands Risk Nervous System Breakdown-Dr. Mark Agyei

The myth that using tight rubber band on one’s hand will drain their blood was actually told by elderly people to deter the young ones from damaging their nervous system as disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Life Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Mark Agyei.

He explained that tight rubber band on hands makes a person feels numbness, in spite of the fact that blood can still run through the veins, the tight rubber band is rather killing the nervous system, making it inactive in the hand.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, the Nervous System specialist revealed that continuous using tight rubber band on the hand weakens the hand to be responsive to action taken against the hand.

“When you use tight rubber band on your hand, we used to say it will drain your blood; it is not true but rather it damages your nerves as you feel numbness. The blood will run through your veins but the nerves which make your hand active, the tight rubber band is killing it”, he revealed.

“Tight rubber band on your hand is rather damaging your nerves and not to drain your blood as we were told in the past because the rubber band cannot suck your blood. So we should know that tightening damages nerves. Unfortunately, those who are kidnapped and tied to a tree can have their nerves damaged because the way the kidnappers tie the person to a tree can break down the nervous system”, he stressed.

He again mentioned that pathological conditions like hypertension and diabetes can destroy nerves; thus, diabetic patients often get numbness as the sugar in the body destroys the nerves.