All Female Entertainers Are Recycling And Dating Same Men – Princess Shyngle

Gambian actress, model and producer, Princess Shyngle has made a daring claim that all females in show business are “recycling and dating” same men.

Shyngle also alleged in her Instagram post that some entertainers use black magic, popularly known as ‘juju’ to stay relevant in the industry and attack people they see as threats with these powers.

Princess Shyngle mentioned that she was leaving arts to study law because she is scared of becoming a victim to the wicked acts of her colleagues.

Her post reads: “Now I understand why the old actresses don’t like most of the new and upcoming actresses. Abeg I don’t want to be an actress anymore before they use voodoo finish my life. I want to be a lawyer now. Law school I’m on my way. not just actresses sef, all female entertainers y’all are not left out musicians, models, tv , radio hosts ,sexy Instagram models, we’re all dating the same men your boyfriend is also my bae’.

Princess Shyngle is know for expressing her opinion and sharing her thoughts on several issues especially on celebrity life, relationships, feminism, domestic issues, showbusiness, depression, religion etc.