Did Police CID Spring An April Fool's Prank On Ghanaians? - Family Of T'aadi Girls

Madam Josephine Amo, convener, Concerned Parents for Takoradi Missing Girls, have appealed to the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo and women in Parliament to help find the kidnapped girls as soon as possible. 

Madam Amo was speaking to claims by the CID boss DCOP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah that her outfit has been able to trace the whereabouts of the missing girls, insisting that they are alive.

It's  been a little over two (2) weeks since the Police CID boss's announcement. 

Speaking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Programme, she wondered what was preventing the police from rescuing the missing girls if indeed they know where exactly they are being kept.

According to her, if truly the police know the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls, they must act within the shortest possible time in rescuing the victims, otherwise it will be considered an April Fool's prank since the police press conference about the missing was made on 1st April.

“Maame Tiwaa should help unite the girls with their family if she is aware of their whereabouts because they (parents and loved ones) are all traumatized.

"It’s been 2 weeks since the pronouncement, so if you have found the children, where are they? Or should we beleive what people are saying that it was an April Fool's joke because  the pronouncement came on 1st April?" she quizzed.

Three girls, 15-year-old Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie; 18-year-old Ruth Love Quayson and 21-year-old Priscilla Blessing Bentum went missing late last year.

But at a media briefing in Accra , DCOP Tiwaa Addo-Danquah allayed the fears of the families of the girls, insisting they would be reconnected with their children soon.

“We know where they are and they are safe…So very soon they will be brought back home and they will go back to their family,” she assured.

However, relatives of the missing girls are still agitating and are not happy with the police.

Madam Josephine Amo therefore is appealing to the President, Women in Parliament, First Lady and Second Lady to help bring back the girls.