Has Sarkodie Sent His Wedding Ring To The Cleaners? As He Meets Up With Fmr. Miss Ghana Hamamat

Come July 23 would be the first wedding anniversary of Tema-based rapper Sarkodie and his wife Tracey. Although the couple has been together for years, they recently tied the knot.

Sark says we are missing out on the best things by not gracing the place as the father of one shared a photo of himself and model Hamamat spending time together at the latter’s shop, the Hamamat African Village. .

It is all too cute, nice and commendable except for the fact that Sark's wedding ring is 'missing' on his finger. We are all too familiar with things like this, when the ring goes off— it could be there is fire on the mountain? or something else? We hope this is not the case with Sark…