Patapaa’s ‘Skopatumana’ Challenge Goes Viral (VIDEO)

‘One Corner’ hitmaker Patapaa Amisty real name Justice Amoah is at it again! 

Patapaa who gained world recognition and went viral a few years ago with his smarsh hit single "One Corner" and it's crazy dance challenge which took over social media for several months, is back with another mind blowing lyrics.  

Well, the Swedru based entertainer has released another rap verse in a song called Daavi, that seems to be taking over the internet with the speed of light over the past few days. 

Patapaa’s verse on Kawoula Biov's song titled "Daavi Neba" is going viral because nobody seems to understand the lyrics, yet it sounds funny and interesting to rap along.

As usual many people have shared videos of themselves rapping along and trying to mimic Patapaa’s flow on the beat.

Watch a UTV News report on the ‘Skopatumana’ Challenge below:


Below is the full song "Daavi" by Kawoula Biov which Featured Patapaa: