Lydia Forson Writes: Some Weeks Ago I Came To See Some Patients At The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital...

Let me tell you about the exciting day I just had. Some weeks ago I came to see some patients at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital, Breast Surgical Unit and they were undergoing chemotherapy.

When I entered I saw these strong women fighting to survive- I noticed that the Chemotherapy Suit was very quiet and each patient was lost in their thoughts; and I felt powerless because there was so much I wish I could do to help ease their pain. Then a thought came to me, what if I could make them smile through this, even in the smallest way. I immediately called my @dstv_ghana family, told them the room needed some life and I believed some entertainment would do the trick, and I didn’t have to say much for them to agree to help me.

They offered to get them a new tv with a @dstv_ghana subscription for as long as they want.

Today I was finally about to make the presentation to them.

I want to thank Dr. Josphine Nsaful, Dr. Florence Dedei and the staff of the Breast Surgical Unit of Korle-Bu for taking time off to receive us.

I want to encourage people who never think they have enough to give, that some times the little you have is just about enough, so never let it stop you from giving what you have.

Thank you @dstv_ghana once again for being so ready to help me out on this.