Asoma Cheremeh Did Not Attribute Our Polluted Water Bodies To Only The Rains!

It is instructive to note that sensational headlines and stories sell and this singular reason is what many a journalist is using to seduce the general public to frolic around newspapers and web portals.

Even though this strategy is being exploited to get thousands reading stories, there comes a time that journalists are expected to hype not only what they believe the public would fall in love with but they must also highlight the other angles as well.

Let me home in on the subject matter upon which this piece is being written. Hon. Kwaku Asoma Cheremeh, the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources is claimed to have said that the turbidities in our water bodies have increased as a result of the incessant rains we are witnessing now.

One gets the idea, rather poignantly, that the minister attributed the dirtiness of our river bodies to only the rains which have been coming lately.

Listening to the press event, the minister admitted that there are still people engaging in galamsey and their activities are adversely affecting our water bodies but we cannot rule out the roles being played by the rains.

How this statement could be misconstrued and misinterpreted to mean that he blamed the polluted states of our water bodies on only the rainfall is puzzling.

The fact has to be emphatically made that he agreed that activities of illegal miners are hampering the cleanliness of our water bodies and also added that the rainfalls drive debris on river banks into the rivers, thereby causing them to adopt their current conditions.

If a flicker of honesty is allowed in analyzing what Asoma Cheremeh said, one would agree that he laid bare the causes of the increased turbidities in our water bodies which include the activities of illegal mining operators as well as the heavy rains falling now.
It beggars belief that it is an incontestable fact that the rains have contributed immensely to the pollution of our water bodies but people are still insisting that cannot be true. Asoma Cheremeh was on point with his submission, in my considered opinion.