Eight Arrested For Planning New State Out of Ghana (PHOTO Of Group Leader)

The police have arrested eight persons belonging to the Homeland Study Group Foundation aimed at seceding from Ghana to declare Volta region as an independent state.

They were arrested in Ho on Sunday in “a meeting to finalise arrangements to declare independent Western Togoland on 9th May, 2019”, a police statement said.

“The arrest was made by a team of all the intelligence agencies in Ghana, including Police and the Armed Forces,” police spokesperson ASP Simon Tenkuu said in a statement.

The team also seized a purported constitution of the group, and “anthem prepared by these eight persons and others for their supposed country.”

The statement added: “Activities of the group also include illegally recruiting and training young people in a “militia style” for them to form the core of their supposed country’s armed forces and police force.”

“Police Administration assures the public that any person who is found culpable of wrongdoing would be dealt with according to law and is therefore urging the public to volunteer information on the group, its leaders and members to police. Persons with information may report to the nearest Police Station or call toll free on 191 or 18555,” the statement added.

In July 2017, the leadership of the group was arrested for allegedly inciting people to push for the independence of the Volta region so it becomes a country on its own. They were released on bail.