Radio Gold/XYZ Shutdown: Allow NCA Communicators To 'Defend Themselves' -  Pratt Pokes Gov't Spokespersons 

Kwesi Pratt Jnr has bemoaned the attitude of government spokespersons who speak on every issue that comes up even if they are not supposed to interfere.

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper does not understand why some government Communicators are speaking to the closure of two radio stations in Accra; adding, when this is done, it gives the impression, they are guilty.

“Why don’t you allow them defend themselves; this is NCA but if you take on the case it is as if you are complicit or have something to do with the closure. Meanwhile, the NCA has a communication department and they can speak for themselves,” he stated while speaking in a panel discussion on Peace FM's morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, Tuesday.

Kwesi Pratt was reacting to the recent close down of two pro-NDC radio stations; Radio Gold and Radio XYZ by the National Communication Authority (NCA).

According to the National Communications Authority (NCA), the two stations were shut down because they failed to comply with the ruling of the Electronic Communications Tribunal (ECT). Click to read.