Whitney Boakye-Mensah Writes: We Are A Country of Mediocre, Environmentally Filthy Talkers...

I have seen at first sight, how a lot of Ghanaians, gleefully bring out their trash when it starts raining and dump them in gutters not caring where it ends, my late mum was tagged arrogant by neighbors because it was the one pathetic thing she won't join in, and unfortunately, our home had a big gutter, so we were the recieving point of plastic filth, she was known for fighting and going to homes of people to come and take out the trash they dumped in the gutter,

I have seen how people who should know better, eat, and dump plastic just anywhere, be it in suit and tie, or the person riding in the troski, if they are sensible to leave it in the car, the driver's mate gets to wherever convenient, and just sweep it out,

I have seen parents who should be sensible, either leave their wards to find early morning breakfast, and kids resort to eat from black plastic bags, that gets dump anywhere as soon as they are done, some of these should have been parents lately, put their kids on 'Okada' bikes to school, without helmet or caring about safety, (another looming problem )

My tribe of origin was questioned when I politely told a neighbor, I am ok with him and his granddaughter sitting at the front of my home to wait for the school bus, but she cannot put her school bag, and lunch bag on the growing hedge, the gossip tht got to me, was , I was making a fuss about 'nkura', and that if I was of the same tribe as them, it won't be so, what they forget is, if I did not keep my front clean, plant the hedges to beautify the place, daily rake out the many sachet rubber from my front, one won't even have a place to sit and wait for a bus

I have seen public bus stops waste containers, become choked with waste from people's homes, and stay like that for weeks, we sell land on water ways, and when questioned, we are told to have compassion for stupidity,

You see, we keep complaining about floods, waste, and recently all trees being cut down to make way for buildings, and the effects, our newest craze is to see who builds on the highest mountain in this country, and when we start seeing the effects of that too, we will talk, have you ever seen the aftermath of an outdoor event? Even when Waste bins are provided, the aftermath of an event will leave you in shock and question if people who dressed in their nines, made such a mess.

We are a country of mediocre, environmentally filthy talkers, who talk and take, and then when elected into office, do nada about the issues we talked about, and think of our pockets, and because we know our people, we continually give them 5ghc, and Tshirt during elections, and they vote our behinds to stay in office and talk.

Absolutely nothing changes about us, and this is what we want to hand down to our future generations. Today when you pray, pray for a change on attitude to how you treat the environment.

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People will do this in Ghana and blame Gov't for Flooding every rainy season..We need to change.....God Why are we Like this...

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