GCB Bank Launches EasyPick

GCB Bank Limited has introduced the EasyPick promotion to provide a convenient and affordable shopping experience to its salaried customers.

The promotion will run at selected GCB branches across the country.

Running from 20-31 May, 2019, the promotion will provide GCB Bank customers with the opportunity to buy home appliances, electronic gadgets, furniture, roofing sheets and other products from selected vendors at discounted prices.

The bank has also come to an agreement with the vendors for customers, who qualify to pick their items of choice as and when they want and pay for them over a one-year period by installment. 

Speaking at the official opening of the promotion, Thyra Obuobi, Head of Corporate Affairs at GCB, reiterated the bank’s commitment to providing excellent service by meeting the needs of all customers.

“As a bank, GCB is always looking for opportunities to provide customers with the best of banking services in a convenient way. The EasyPick promotion is one of the many ways which will meet the varied needs of our customers. The bank is also grateful to all the vendors who partnered with us to run this promotion smoothly,” she said.

The promotion, which involves over 18 vendors, is available to GCB customers throughout the year.