Editorial: Kwesi Pratt & His Castle Don King

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Managing Editor of the Insight has found a new hobby; that is attacking Former President Rawlings. While the undiscerning think he is doing so in the interest of the NDC, we hold that he is attacking the former President to protect his selfish personal interests. To please his paymasters, especially the Castle Don King, he would run-down Rawlings at the least opportunity though most of the things he says never make any sense at all. We have observed the eerie silence on the part of NDC functionaries as the Former President is being attacked. Guess their silence is to protect their privileged positions or ensure that they do not incur the wrath of the Castle Don King. We on the Daily Post have decided not to tolerate Kwesi Pratt’s buffoonery anymore. It is about time he receives answers to his nonsense. So, from henceforth, we shall take it upon our good self to return fire for fire even if it means descending into the gutter with him. We are not unaware of who his paymasters are; we assure them that any time Kwesi hits Rawlings, we shall hit them back in equal measure. We care less whose ox is gored!