Asem Embarks On "School Dey Be" Tour

When Michael responded to the rules of nature and bowed down to eternity, the world was stunned because a brand had been dismantled. To many music lovers it was his showmanship and the perfection with which he exuded talent on stage that was going to top the list of things they will miss about him. 21st November, 2009, Aburi Girls was the place and Asem was on the stage. The spectacle at this venue was simply inexhaustible and mindboggling. The enthralled crowd were virtually pulling the man down and screaming their voices out. That was when it hit me, such scenery made identical contact with one I have witnessed the world over. YES! It was the Micheal Jackson essence prying through Ghana's rap dribbler and Award winning artist Asem. This was however not a concert and that was what struck my adjudicative concepts. Asem was only performing to ski through the first of his “SCHOOL DEY BE” project school tour. The project which was engineered by Lynx entertainment to encourage students in the second cycle institutions to take their education seriously, has trudged a significant mark in the doldrums of socially responsible celebrity profiles. Speaking to the enthusiastic “Give me blow” hit maker “This project is just to tell the young people that regardless of your chosen field or career path, it is expedient to pursue education to the very top of it. I have been through high school and pursued it further to Journalism school and I am still urging on. I realized that most of the young people lose it at the high school level and hence we came up with this concept” The response so far has been wonderful. The second fold of the tour was out leashed in Ola Girls Secondary school on the 23rd of January 2010 where the scene was simply enthusiastic and delightful. Asem gave the students a pleasant surprise as he was joined on stage by the fascinatingly enigmatic newcomer Zigi, and the flamboyant Biggie Boy Lover, OJ Blaq. Most of these young people, who had always seen their superstars on TV, were simply fascinated by the fact that they were right there under their noses. The third phase took a hefty toll on the Oda Secondary school where OJ Blaq once again was on stage to support Asem on the 6th of February 2010, and as usual they were given a rapturous welcome by the delighted students. The sense of social responsibility being exhibited by celebrities is a good indication that our industry is on the verge of maturity and that the personalities who embody the industry have come of age. Loads and loads of surprises spring out of the Lynx family everyday and they never seem to amaze me. First it was quality music, and then unprecedented patterns of beat, and then rare talent exposure, and then Lynx Extreme, and then Lynx musical school, and then “School Dey Be” and then “YOU KNOW THE NAME RIGHT” and then “You Say Weytin”. All in all their charming song tag says it all “ITS A HIT MAN!”