Open letter to President J Atta Mills

"Hello Minister(s), I wanted to write an open letter to the President J A Mills and would like to know which email address to send it to, as I am currently in the UK. My letter is my views only and not a criticism of how one should run the State of Ghana. To the President Of Ghana J.A. Mills, My I first say I hope G-D will bless you in running the state of affairs within the nation of Ghana and that blessing might be extended to your personal life and family. I want to say, although I am sure you have heard this already that, as Ghana has now discovered oil, my hope is that: 1. The people of Ghana can be brought out of poverty with the revenue generated from this oil. We know the standard of living for the majority of Ghanaians is poor. This oil revenue could achieve much for the standard of living for the Ghanaian people as well as the economy and infrastructure of Ghana. 2. I hope that lessons can be learnt from Nigeria and other West African States which have oil revenue. It appears that with interference from the Western World in particular and it is interference, Ghana could easily be destabilised. I certainly think that the US and other Nations will have an active interest in Ghana due to this oil. Ghana already has the capacity to obtain and refine the oil without outsiders staking their claim on this. Ghana is already a very thriving nation with many resources and due to greed I would hate to see that interrupted. It does not take a genius to see the agenda of many with the current state of Worldly affairs. 3. Finally I would like to state the obvious, Other Nations may have stakes/shares in this oil but the fact is the oil is in Ghana and therefore the final say should be and is with Ghana. The G-D of Israel sets up Kings and deposes them (and that also applies to Governments) so as ministers of Ghana do not let the opportunity to aid others slip bye. The G-D of Israel also gives wealth to whomever HE chooses and therefore let us not squander this blessing that has been graced to Ghanaians (and others perhaps). I hope Ghana will succeed in its pursuits to give the people a better standard of living.