Love Knocks Kwabena Kwabena On Val's Day

Ghana’s well-known singer and divorcee, Kwabena Kwabena, was at his romantic best on Val’s Day when he openly expressed his love for his new found lover, Abena Owusuwaa, while performing at Citizen Kofi’s pre-Valentine party on Saturday. “I love you and I wish I can tell you how I feel about you but I can’t say more because of where I am now,” he said whilst on stage. At that moment, Abena was sited at the front seat, close to the stage. She stared straight at her man and once in while, sang along with him. It was indeed an interesting love performance from Kwabena and his lover. Kwabena’s action on stage that night was not only seen as his gimmicks to show his love on Val’s day but an attempt to explain his feelings for Abena to all who criticized him and also win back some of his fans after his much publicized break up with his wife. However, he was in his usual elements as he thrilled patrons with songs from both his old and new albums. Kwabena spent close to two hours on stage. While some fans joined him by dancing, others sat in the comfort of their seats and sang along with him whilst tapping their feet. At the climax of his act, KOD, Kind David and one member of the Wutah duo joined Kwabena on stage to give fans a splendid performance, it was an intriguing experience as the MC of the night, Ekuba Quarmine of GTV, vowed the audience with a rendition of Kojo Antwi’s “Medofa Pa” song which sent them asking for more. The event, held inside Citizen Kofi’s magnificent Hollywood lounge, had an encouraging patronage. Ghana’s pretty girls were in their numbers as well as some trendy-looking gentlemen. The evening ended with an after party inside Citizen Kofi’s club which was packed beyond expectation.