Editorial: Condolences To Rawlings, Butů

The Official, state-assigned bungalow of former President Jerry John Rawlings was razed to the ground at dawn on Saturday from a fire whose source is yet to be determined. The fire, which engulfed the entire building over a short period, and burnt everything in its path, destroyed the entire block housing the Rawlings family. Luckily though, there were no casualties and injuries. Like millions of Ghanaians, we at the Daily Searchlight would like to send our message of condolence to former President Rawlings and his wife. As the longest serving Head of State in the history of Ghana, and as the Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), he is very close to the hearts of many Ghanaians, and we cannot do anything but send our own message of condolence. That said, we find it interesting that almost immediately after the fire, government announced that it was going about the business of finding new accommodation for former President Rawlings. This is especially so because we also have a living president in Ghana who is currently living in his own private accommodation. Indeed, we have a serving Vice President who is living in his private accommodation, and we wonder why the former President cannot move into his own house, since he has at least three valuable land-based properties in which he can live! In this direction, we call on government, at this state, to advise the former President to move into his own house, or failing that, to grant former President John Kufuor the use of a public place. The basic tenet of our law is fairness and equity. And it is our case that since we have two living Presidents, they should be treated to the same level by the state!