Jungle Fever . . . 'Party In The Woods' Is On

On the back of last year’s #FullCircleFestival (which saw many international celebrities bring the global spotlight on vacationing, partying and tourism in Ghana), December 2019 is promising to be even bigger and better, mainly because of the widely publicised #YearoftheReturn and its itinerary of events.

Social media is already buzzing with the roll out of several calendar marking activities and we have placed it upon ourselves to look out for and write about events that we think will redefine the Accra party scene and set global standards for entertainment in Ghana.

The TRIBVL Jungle Fever party promises to be one of such events. Their dope teaser video is making the rounds on social media and since it’s the second edition of one of the best parties from 2018, we reached out to the organisers for their comments.

This is what they had to say “picture yourself wild, free, at one with nature and jamming in the lush green settings of a natural woodland which has fire, water and all the natural elements, right in the heart of Accra. What would you do? How would you dress?

Now add the rhythms of traditional drums, Afrobeats hits played by your favourite DJs, interactive centrepieces, live art installations, great drinks, tasty African food, and the ability to party right next to your favourite celebrity to this mental image. Sick, right?

That’s exactly what we think too! We promise it’s going to be a party like you’ve never seen before and one of the most experiential set ups you’ve ever seen at any event in Ghana,

Well, that’s definitely some big talk and we can’t wait till December 24, 2019 to see if they can walk the talk (although judging by the delivery from previous TRIBVL events we think we already know what’s in store).

If you still have no idea about what TRIBVL is or how previous TRIBVL events have been like, you can head to their Instagram page @Tribvlafrica, or visit www.tribvlafrica.com for more information and tickets for the event. Tickets are also available on Eventbrite.com.

Don’t forget to RSVP by calling +233500077935 & +233203009648. Without a doubt, a new wave of pan-Africanism is sweeping across the globe, generating renewed interest in and increased traffic to the continent.

While Ghana has already taken the lead in riding this wave by securing a spot as the destination of choice for cultural tourism, local promoters and event planners who have noticed the number of fun lovers that are flocking to Accra in December are creating all sorts of thrilling events that are fast turning Accra into the party hub of Africa and the best place to spend the Christmas holidays.