Royal Awards To Roll Out Soon

For some time now efforts have been initiated by some event organizers to refine the industry at all levels, to put the country on the world music map. However, the desired objective for which these dreams were established have not been achieved. In an effort to make Ghanaian music and culture appeal to all, an event organization company, Redwood Investments Limited, has decided to put together an event dubbed “Royal Awards” to embrace all stakeholders in the industry in an effort, not only to promote artistes, but also to include all those involved in the industry. According to the management of Redwood Investments Limited, preparations are underway to launch the event at the Golden Tulip very soon. About a decade ago, various forms of event management have taken place, but the expected improvement has stalled; hence Redwood’s hope to partner with some selected organisations to counteract what obtains in the country today, that is, telecommunications network-sponsored music awards which have not succeeded in realizing the above mentioned goals. Unlike these existing awards which have sidelined and neglected other stakeholders, Redwood is taking it upon itself to include all those who have made the industry what it is in the view of the world including artistes, actors, actresses and other performers who are members and are in good standing of their respective associations. It must be mentioned that Redwood, in partnership with one of the telecommunication networks in the country, will map out yearly strategic areas where the transparent organization of this event will place. Taking a hard look at the musical landscape in Ghana today, a source close to Redwood Investment Limited told BEATWAVES that the need to rejuvenate the industry by promoting Ghanaian artistes and other stakeholders cannot be underestimated.