I Will Expose Parts Of My Body For A Hollywood Movie But NEVER For A Ghanaian Movie- Juliet Ibrahim

When it comes to exposing parts of the flesh for a movie role, whilst some would jump right at the idea, others are skeptical to that call especially when it comes to the Ghanaian movie industry because the truth is, it could come out really nasty— something actress Juliet Ibrahim is not ready to risk.

According to Juju, she might consider such a role for Hollywood because they are not only advanced and sophisticated but well equipped to make it look a delight.

“If I’m called up for a movie in Hollywood and I’m supposed to expose parts of my body and it is going to be done tastefully or even with body doubles because we always have stunt models and body doubles in Hollywood, I would.”

The movie industry in Ghana has not got the sophistication of Hollywood, “so, usually, I will turn down movies like that”.