Cold Weather In Southern Ghana Expected To Last Throughout August

Cold weather currently pertaining within the Southern part of the country, is expected to last through the month of August.

The low atmospheric temperatures are also expected to fall further from an average of 24 degrees celsius currently, to a lower average range of 23 to 21 degrees celsius, as the season progresses.

Mr. Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, told the Ghana News Agency that the month of August was the coldest period of the year, especially in Southern Ghana.

He said after the sun had stayed over the Northern Hemisphere for a long time, the Southern Hemisphere was out of the sun's heat and energy for a longtime, and got cold as a result.

Mr Padi said this resulted in "high pressure" developing over the Southern Hemisphere, whilst "low pressure" developed over the Northern hemisphere.

This, he said, resulted in cold air blowing from the Southern hemisphere towards the Northern Hemisphere.
Mr Padi said the current atmospheric cold therefore resulted from Ghana being in the path of the traveling cold air.

The senior Meteorologist said one positive effect of the current weather condition in the country was that the cold wind blew parallel to the country's coast line, and removed surface water from the sea, resulting in up-welling of nutrients to the sea surface.

Mr Padi said this caused several fish to come up to the water surface after the nutrients, and thus made the period a favorable one for fishing.

He said people should keep warm, especially by wearing protective clothing, in order to avoid cold related infections.