Eurostar Global Limousine Moves Headquarters To Nigeria

Eurostar Limousine Group, owned by bubbly Ghanaian billionaire businessman, Oscar Yao Doe is about to open its headquarters in Lagos. Works are currently ongoing on the Edifice, which CityScoop learnt, will be one of the most-superb corporate offices on the island, in Lagos.

The Eurostar Limousine Chairman, @hrhoscaryaodoe himself gave a sneak view of what the edifice is going to look like in a post, last night. He wrote.. "Our new headquarters going to be one of the most sophisticated places in Lagos, (a city) so competitive in everything! Too much energy, positivity and 'can-do' spirit! Black on Black Limousine Nigeria, (a) subsidiary of Eurostar Global Limousine Group!

There is an outdoor private bar on the Rooftop Terrace! There is also another private bar on the Penthouse of the office!

The entrance lobby is purely for arts, sculptures and a beautiful exhibition of lights with console in the liddle, plus a 'Statement Carpet'. The walls in the lobby is full of mastermieces of paintings!

The stairways is full of sculptures to unleash absolute elegance and style! Wow, Wow, Wow! We are grateful to God.

Oscar's Eurostar Limousine has been doing business with high net-worth Nigerians over the years and he is well connected in the country.