Emelia Brobbey Made Ambassador For Menstrual Cramp Pack And Escape Disposable Pants

Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey has landed an ambassadorial deal with P&R Hygiene producers of Menstrual Cramp Pack and Escpae Disposable Pants With Pad.

Emelia has been tasked to help promote a new product on the Ghanaian market christened Menstrual Cramp Pack and Escape Disposable Pants With Pad.

“Let me introduce the new magical Products; MENSTRUAL CRAMP PACK and ESCAPE STERILIZED DISPOSABLE PANTS WITH PAD. I recommend this to every woman,” she stated during the unveiling ceremony in Accra.

Many women go through great pains when they reach their monthly circle and the actress was hopeful that this product will be a problem solver.

“Menstrual cramps can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease. Examples include normal periods, heavy periods, wind or constipation,” according to health experts.

Happy Emelia Brobbey publicly announcing the deal on his Instagram page wrote “Signed and sealed @escapemenstrualkit 
ESCAPE MENTRUAL KITS;*CRAMP PACK :Menstrual Pain Reliever. *Escape sanitized Disposable pants with Pad.
Products available at all pharmaceutical stores/Chemical shops and all stores/shops”