Copying Hollywood Walk of Fame Is Vanity - Leila Djansi To Ghanaian Actors

Movie Director, Leila Djansi is angry with how Ghanaian actors and actresses want to be treated like their colleagues in Hollywood.

To her, these actresses and actors have not contributed anything to the country and therefore don’t need to be honoured.

Her post read:

“Ghana actors say they want what? Avenue of the stars? For what legendary performance or what legendary movie that the world talked about? Created with what funds the industry generated for the national economy? Y’all made more money for Gucci, Dolce, Delta Airlines, Emirates and Dubai.

No? Y’all want government to fund a walk of stars so folks pay to take photos with/on your stars? Please, who, outside of your kinsmen, know you? When Samuel Jackson came to Ghana, everyone heard. I ain’t ever heard any media discussing when y’all come here to Amerika? Am I missing something?

Walk of Stars?

Ahhh? Whiles kids are dying for lack of healthcare? A country with jobless youths milling about? Whiles little kids hawk on the streets? Erratic power supply? Poor educational structures? Corrupt politicians? Superficial much? If you want to copy Hollywood so bad, why not copy their discipline, strategy, unity, infrastructure, and economy?

May God himself forgive your vanity.