Ghanaians Are Small-Minded – Duncan-Williams

General Overseer of the Action Faith Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has taken a swipe at Ghanaians for being shallow-minded about the little things that don’t matter.

He says Ghanaians are so rigid that they see it a crime for someone to prosper unlike the case of countries like Nigeria.

Speaking about a recent trip to the neighbouring country, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said “when I was coming back to Ghana, I counted over 25 private jets packed there and it was no issues to the government, media or anybody, and nobody cared… it can’t happen [in Ghana] because we are small-minded people, we have issues with everything”.

He said Ghanaians need to celebrate and accept the progress of others instead of pointing accusing fingers at the person.

“We have to begin to appreciate and accept and celebrate if one of us has a private jet and he hasn’t broken the law to earn it, leave him alone. If he has broken the law hold him responsible, deal with him.”

“If a young lady is successful, she is a prostitute or sleeping with a married man or she is dealing in drugs. If a young man comes on the scene and for whatever reason, he is not born by one of the old money people we have to investigate him right now” he lamented.

The man of God who was the guest on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana hosted by Paul Adom-Otchere called on government to make a deliberate effort to empower young people with the aim of raising up millionaires as this will end the era of ‘small-mindedness’.