Editorial: Justice Has Been Turned Upside Down

One of the areas in which the NDC is not faring well is the area of justice delivery. The attorney-General, Madam Betty-Mould Iddrisu seems to be disappointing many an NDC supporter. While the NDC government has thus far paid only lip service to delivering justice in the matter of the murder of the late Ya Na Andani Yakubu II and forty of his elders as well as the late Alhaji Issa Mobila, officers of the former government who looted the nation’s coffers and left the country broke have been left off the hook; they now walk the corridors of powers freely and dare call the President a gangster! Those who were caught on tape plotting to unleash mayhem on Ghanaians because their political party did not win the 2008 election and those who planned to carry dead bodies to the Volta Region to cast doubt on the election results have all been left off the hook! Where are the 77 parcels of cocaine that went missing from the MV Benjamin at the Tema Harbour? Who are responsible for the changing of cocaine in the police store room at the police headquarters into kokonte powder? Who are the people who plundered the tax payers’ money meant to defray the TOR debt? While the NDC has left all these people off the hook, the Daily Post investigations indicate that they are holding in military custody Private Modzaka for a crime he did not commit. Under the NDC government, justice seems to have been turned upside down; the guilty go scot-free while the innocent are held in custody. We call on President Mills to take a second look at the sad case of Private Modzaka as three Boards of Enquiries have exonerated him. Punishing the innocent is an insult to God.