Rawlings: A Nuisance To NDC And An Obstacle To Democracy

Irrespective of his status as a political has been, this power hungry monk has always found a way to worm his way to the headlines of all media outlets. If he is not blatantly accusing the NPP of a falsehood, he is branding Kuffuor a thief. If not being suspected of arson, he is undermining the presidency of Attah Mills. What is so sad is his devotees seems to be oblivious of the historicity of this jewel of colossal ignorance. After suspending the 1979 constitution in 1981 and illegally ruling as a dictator through 1992, you have the audacity to call Kuffuor an illegitimate president since in your opinion he stole the 2004 election. Who the hell do you think you are? The framers of the 1992 constitution did the nation a disservice by acquiescing to the insertion of the INDEMNITY CLAUSE. Someone who by his own admission in a BBC interview with Zenab Badawi in 2005 said some of the people he put to death did not deserve to die should be facing international court. As the titular head of the NDC, to your credit you helped Attah Mills win. The question is why undermine his presidency? Do you think the whole of Ghana evolves around you? Instead of thanking God you are not facing trial in The Hague, you have become a nuisance to your party and an obstacle to democracy. The expression empty barrels makes the most noise is true. I'm not a fan of Attah Mills, but I must admit he has won my admiration by the way he's handled himself so far. Most of us opposed his candidacy because we thought Rawlings would be ruling by proxy, but Mills has proven to be well groomed to handle the nation. Don't let the fear of being sabotaged in 2012 compromise your integrity but rather let truth be the measure of your presidency.