Will Coup Plotters Solve Ghana’s Problems Or...? Nunoo Mensah Asks

Former National Security Advisor Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has described the alleged planned attempt to destabilize the country by some unscrupulous persons as ‘useless’.

He was emphatic that – “Coup is not what the country needs.”

Speaking on NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’, the security capo questioned if the intention of the coup plotters was to takeover the country in order to better it or to “fool” around.

“Will they even solve Ghana’s problems?” He quizzed   

A joint security operation on Friday led to the retrieval of several arms, explosive devices and ammunition from locations in Accra and Kpone-Bawaleshie in Dodowa.

Some three civilians are in police custody for their roles in an elaborate plan to destabilize the state.

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