Shirley Frimpong Is Pregnant. Who Is the Man Behind The Action?

I remember during a chit-chat about successful Ghanaian Movie Producers, Shirley Frimpong Manso �popped� up and the most snooping personage of our team asked, �Why is it that, Shirley is not married or having children yet, despite all her success and age?� Here it is now; GhanaCelebrities.Com can confirm that Shirley has finally caught the ball. Who kicked the ball is still a mystery but nothing is much of an ambiguity to us such that we have no clue at all. Though unconfirmed, we can bet with any of our readers that, Shirley is pregnant for Ken Attoh, the director/creative director of her recent and PAFF award winning movie �A Sting In A Tale�. Sparrow Productions will turn into family business soon. We hope when it happens, it will not diminish the quality of Sparrow�s work. When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Shirley as to this story, she perceived this as a private matter and will not like her private affairs to be dug into. She gave us the usual celebrity �No Comment� card. Nothing is private to GhanaCelebrities.Com. This is what we are here for, just to poke our nose into the affairs of celebrities. Guess she forgot about some parts of our mission statement. For the pregnancy, the stomach will confirm it soon but as to who is responsible, we will wait and see if she will let it out or we will do the usual snooping around. When the child finally comes out and we get hold of the child�s birth and registration certificate, we hope it will still be Ken Attoh on there. We are saying Ken Attoh and not Chris Attoh. Do not �interchangeably intertwined� the two of them even if ermmmm... We wish you the best Shirley and if it is Ken Attoh indeed, then we guess it was not all work at Sparrow Productions, some love mixed with work.