Excellence Does Not Pay Anymore; Great Attention Is Given To Senseless People – KSM

From the look of things, it’s obvious God occasionally sheds uncontrollable tears on behalf of Ghanaians anytime He looks at the things majority of the citizenry are interested in especially those on social media.

For how on earth should majority of the Ghanaian citizenry on social media embrace the folly of Shatta Bandle and Mr. Eventuary comparably to the UCC Forensic Scientist First Class graduate.. It’s unfortunate but that’s the reality.

Now, the rate at which Ghanaians pay more attention to folly over excellence has become a burden to ace satirist, Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM) as he’s trying so hard to understand why but no concrete conclusion.

So, it’s no surprise that KSM has taken to the micro blogging platform otherwise known as Twitter to voice his grievances perhaps someone will explain the “WHY” to him.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa 
 We are living in STRANGE TIMES. Excellence does not pay. If you want attention and recognition, be mediocre, senseless and loud. Don’t be shocked by how quickly society will embrace and GLORIFY you. #signofthetimes 

To the best knowledge of the astute satirist, excellence doesn’t pay anymore; great attention by Ghanaians is given to senseless people or if you like people who’re not doing anything extraordinary perhaps not excluding Shatta Bandle, Mr. Eventuary and Co.

As a reminder, Shatta Bandle is arguably the most popular midget in Africa as we speak! He became famous after videos of him flaunting money whiles claiming to be the richest man in Africa surfaced online.

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