Pz Cussons Celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2019

Global Handwashing Day is celebrated annually worldwide on 15th of October with the aim of raising awareness on the need to always wash your hands with soap especially on key occasions such as before meals, after using the washroom and after changing babies.

Every year, PZ Cussons marks Global handwashing Day with various CSR activities led by the Carex brand. The theme for Global Handwashing Day 2019 is “Clean hands for all” and focuses on encouraging people from all walks of life to inculcate good handwashing habits.

PZ Cussons Carex has always championed hand hygiene and believes that children should be free to play and explore without fear of diseases. In partnership with The Ghana Medical Association and TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Carex marked Global handwashing Day 2019 by demonstrating proper handwashing techniques to pupils at Datus Primary and JHS in Tema after a day of fun packed activities. PZ Cussons believes that teaching children to form good handwashing habits will not only stay with them for the rest of their lives, but will also free them to explore and enjoy their childhood free from germs and diseases.

Dr Sarah Davies, a member of the Ghana Medical Association demonstrated to the children the most effective way of handwashing with soap and explained the benefits of handwashing with soap and running water.