Dr. Anyah Is 2019 Healthcare Business Icon

The Executive Chairman of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre and Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm, Dr. Felix Anyah, has won this year’s Healthcare Business Icon and Pride of Volta Region award for 2019.

The award is in recognition of his several years of providing health service innovation, strategic leadership, job creation, economic and business development in the country, which has propelled the Holy Trinity brand as one of the leading healthcare centres.

His Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm also won the Premium Quality SPA and Health Tourism Business Pride award 2019 at the Ghana Business Quality & Pride awards organized on Saturday by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana.

The Premium Quality Health SPA award was presented to a company that has demonstrated overall service quality in healthcare spa, service competitiveness and service innovation in the healthcare spa industry.

Dr. Anyah established the Holy Trinity Medical Centre in 1988 with five staff members, and has grown it to an outstanding health facility with 42 doctors and over 300 auxiliary staff.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the awards ceremony, Dr. Anyah urged successful business leaders to mentor the younger generation by focusing on the blend of entrepreneurship with quality, discipline and honesty.

He encouraged entrepreneurs to strive for the best not only for themselves but also for Ghana, saying that was the legacy he wanted to leave.

Dr. Anyah spoke about his several charity projects at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and elsewhere.

Charity Works

In 1989, Dr. Anyah, as part of his charity initiatives, adopted the Kaneshie Cripples Home for free medical care and also established the ‘Help the Epileptic’ charity in 1995 with the aim of providing free drugs to epileptics across Ghana.

As an acting Chief Executive Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Anyah donated, among other things, a 7.5HP water pump to supply water to six storey surgical block, three air conditioners to the physiotherapy unit, motorcycles to security department, and mattresses to the polyclinic.

He was the first acting board chairman of the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency in 2015.

The ceremony was held under the theme: “Prompting International Quality Business through Strategic Partnership for Economic Growth,” and was used to recognize regional business icons. Dr. Felix Anyah was born into a poor family of Apostolic Faith Healers.

He was given the name Gamesu-meaning ‘the one who timely ends worry of others and brings comfort’

His surname was derived from the characteristics of a tree called ‘Anyatsi’in Ewe and represents –Truth, Boldness, Unbreakable and strength in Christ.


As ‘Gamesu’ Dr. Anyah is committed to end the suffering of the poor or disadvantaged. Among his numerous kind and Charitable Social activities Include:

Adopting the Kaneshie cripples’ home in 1989 for free medical care for the past 30 years.

Establishing the ‘HELP THE EPILEPTIC’ charity for free drugs to epileptics nationwide who cannot afford their drugs since 1995 to date.

In 2012, he built an ultramodern welding shop for an alcoholic he had rehabilitated in Sogakofe and this was commissioned by the Deputy Minister of Health.

Many motorcyclists in Sogakofe protect themselves with free donation of 300 Helmets from Dr. Anyah’s Benevolence.

Several fishermen have had their livelihood improved with fully motorised canoes for deep fishing in the Volta River.

Dr. Anyah retrained an ex-convict, provided him a furnished accommodation and sponsored him to be a plumber in Sogakofe under the Department of Social Welfare in the South Tongu District.

Dr. Anyah provided a seed capital of one thousand Ghana Cedis to epileptics and wheel chairs and 3-wheeled motorised vehicles to cripples –all numbering over one hundred.

As an acting CEO of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Anyah donated: 7.5HP water pump to supply water to the 6 -storey surgical block.

3HP Air Conditioners to the Physiotherapy Unit.

Motorcycles to Security Department.

Flat Television sets to the Renal Unit

Mattresses to the Polyclinic

Stocks of anaesthetic drugs for emergency surgeries to improve the welfare of patients and functioning of the hospital.

As an ANYAH, Dr. Anyah with entrepreneurial and biblical boldness albeit fraught with peril, sought the court judgement on his new integrative medical Department which was misconstrued to be a hotel – and won at the High Court.

Dr. Anyah established the Holy Trinity medical center in 1988 with a staff of 5 in 1988 and grown to be an outstanding health sector with 42 Doctors and over 300 auxiliary staff.

The Holy Trinity SPA –the integrative health wing –is the first of its kind in the whole of Africa –after 14 years.

As an efficient HEALTH CARE MANGER, won the EXCELLENCE IN PRIVATE SECTOR HEALTH CARE AWARD for Private Sector Healthcare by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana in 1999.

In 2017, was adjudged the overall Best CEO in GHANA and Best CEO Healthcare (Both public and Private 2017.)

Best Health CEO of the year (2018)

Best Healthcare CEO of the year (2018)

Best CEO in Health Facility Management (2018)

Best Integrative Medicine Practitioner (2018)

Best Occupation Health Practitioner (2018) Dr. Anyah was the first acting Board Chairman of the health facilities Regulatory Agency in 2015.

Dr. Anyah Pioneering Role in WELLNESS in West Africa has been rewarded with the SPECIAL AWARD for PROMOTION OF HEALTHY SOCIETY by the society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners.

In 2008 and 2009, Dr. Anyah received the NELSON MANDELLA AWARD for Exemplary Leadership & Transparent Virtues, The Golden Star Award for Exemplary Leadership in Health.

Health in West Africa by Security Watch Nigeria in Abuja,Nigeria. He also received the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Outstanding Merit/Africa Leadership Award.

Perhaps his Leadership Virtues were manifested more as Acting CEO of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, when as Acting CEO for a year.

Dr. Anyah never took Salary nor allowances and lived in his personal accommodation, used his own vehicles and paid his driver even though he was rendering services to the hospital and was entitled to above as acting Chief Executive.


Indeed, the son of Steve Wonder the world-renowned U.S.A music Icon, was the first Medical/ Health tourist to the SPA and was accompanied by his father- Steve Wonder- who has boosted Ghana’s HEALTH TOURISM brand.

The Best Health/Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa 2010

The Most Patronised Medical Tourism Destination SPA of the year 2018 Best Rehabilitation Medical SPA in West Africa are feud of SPA’s Health/ Medical Tourism Credentials.

Ghanaians forever remember Dr. Anyah as a HEALTH COLUMNIST for more than a decade especially writing in the MIRROR under the Caption ‘Dr. Felix Anyah answers your nagging Health questions’

Dr. Anyah was voted as one of the 5 members of the Ghana Medical Association to serve on the statutory Ghana Medical and Dental Council which he served for ten years while in the Council.

Dr. Anyah boldly researched, published in the Dailies and advocated for professional ethical advertising for medical practitioners in Ghana which positively changed the hitherto conserve position and sanctions imposed on medical practitioners.

In Business, Dr. Anyah’s Holy Trinity Medical Centre won Gold Star Awards for outstanding contribution to the Economic and Social Development of Ghana (Gold) Award (2007)

For Ghana Business & Financial Service & Excellence Awards (2008) under the Ministry of Trade, President’s special Initiative. Leader in Medical Sector (2003)

Leader in Health Sector (2009) Awards at the Ghana Club 100 Awards of the Ghana Investment Promotion Council.

Best Entrepreneur in Health Service of the year (2014) On the International scene, Dr. Anyah is a Physician Consultant to the United States of America Immigrant Visa Medical Examination for the past 20 years.

He is a Nobel Laureate United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’(SDG) Award Winner.

Dr. Felix Anyah,

‘The Father of Integrative Health/Medicine-WELLNESS in West Africa

The Health Columnist

The Pioneer in Health/Medical Tourism

A member for 10 years of the Statutory Medical and Dental Council that regulates the practice of Medicine in Ghana.

The Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Private and Public Sector Distinguished CEO, a mentor and patriot is a RESPECTED HEALTH SECTOR maverick who by Public Nomination and VOTING won the GHANA MOST RESPECTED CEO-HEALTH SECTOR AWARD at the 2018 Ghana Industry CEO Awards.