Fifa Ends Goalline Technology Experiments

Fifa has ruled out the introduction of video technology to assist officials during games thereby ending all further experiments with goalline technology. The International FA Board (IFAB) meeting in Zurich announced on Saturday that goal-line technology would not be pursued. The English and Scottish FAs were in favour of technology but were outvoted 6-2 on the IFAB by Fifa’s four votes plus those of the Wales and Northern Ireland FAs. According to Jérôme Valcke, the Fifa general secretary, football will have to continue to accept such errors. “Questions will always come, we just hope they will not come in the final of the World Cup,” he said. “Technology should not enter into the game. It was a clear statement made by the majority of the IFAB. The main part of the game should be humans — players and referees. “If we start with goalline technology, then any part of the game and pitch will be a potential space where you could put in place technology to see if the ball was in or out, and then you end up with video replays. The door is closed.”