Trouble Brews At TOR!

The over one thousand workers of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) are boiling with rage over the seizure of their Credit Union Dues by the management of the troubled state owned oil refinery! So far reliable information intercepted by the Daily Searchlight indicates that there is great unease between the management and the workers of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) for what the workers believe is an intentional effort to force them into great hardship. The tension has come as a result of the management refusing to release he funds of the workers to serve the purpose for which they set up the Credit Union. The Credit Union is a 10 percent contribution deducted from the monthly salaries of the workers of TOR into a central fund to be used as loans to be given back to the workers as credit in hard times. So far this newspaper has learned that it has accumulated millions of dollars, which workers have been unable to access over the past seven months, a situation that is leading to much tension between workers and management. The ungodly acts by the current management, has raised lots of angst among the over one thousand workers of TOR, who have threatened to take action in the form of strikes if the management refuses to reconsider their decisions to deny them access to the Credit Union Dues Fund. Speaking to one of the workers of the Tema Oil Refinery, he disclosed that he pays over GH¢80.00 (eight hundred thousand old cedis) every month. Over the past years he has contributed more than ten million old cedis every month to the fund every year, and he found it strange that he was being denied access to his own money. The workers laid their current troubles solidly at the doors of the current management planted into their current position by the government of the National Democratic Congress led by Prof John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills. It must be put on record that, the Daily Searchlight’s Editorial Team tried every possible means to get in touch of the management of TOR to solicit for their side of the story but our calls were ignored! Meanwhile the Ghana Youth Movement (GYM), a youth advocacy group, has called on government to sack the management of TOR with immediate effect! GYM has said that this has become necessary because of the inability of the current management to solve the current fuel and gas crisis that have hit the nation! In a press release issued yesterday and signed by Mr. Michael Omari Wadie, the General Secretary of GYM and Nana Prempeh Aduhene, Spokesperson, they said that the current management of TOR including its board members who are being paid by the tax payers money, for the past 14 months have shown great incompetence by not being able to solve fuel crises in the country. They said that the management and board were demonstrating a level of incompetence that has not been witnessed for the past 8 years, and most critical is the LP GAS shortage, which has hit very hard for the past two weeks. GYM told the President that the failure of the board and management of TOR would be laid at his doorsteps and ‘you will have to account for your stewardship before the Ghanaian people’ the said.” If they are not being able to do the job that they are assigned, there is no reason why we don’t have to let them go,” GYM concluded.