Whatever I Did To Hurt You I’m Sorry Bro' - NBA star Kendrick Perkins Apologises To Kevin Durant In The Wake of Kobe Bryant's Untimely Death

In the wake of Kobe Bryant's untimely death, former NBA star, Kendrick Perkins, has been moved to squash off his beef with basketballer, Kevin Durant. 

The 35-year-old former Oklahoma City Thunder star has offered a public apology to Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant over their fall out on Twitter earlier this month. 

He wrote in a tweet: 'Just wanted to tell you I Love you my brother and whatever I did to hurt you I’m sorry bro and hope you forgive me!!! I love you bro real Talk! @KDTrey5.'

Perkins added in another tweet that Bryant “would’ve wanted us to move past our differences”, and said his new life motto is “what would Kobe do?” 

'My new motto with everything is, What Would Kobe do? He’d want us to focus more on the loss of his daughter. He’d want us to get past differences with our brothers and move on. He’d never want the game to be cancelled or be stopped. He’d want us to keep going! #RIPKOBE.' 

Earlier this month, Perkins and his former Thunder teammate Kevin Durant got into a Twitter feud that started over Perkins calling Russell Westbrook “the best player to put on an Oklahoma City Thunder jersey”, implying that Durant lost the right to the title when he left OKC for the Golden State Warriors.