Close-Up PHOTO of Kim Kardashian's Face Goes Viral: 'I Think This Is The Most Human I've Seen Her Skin Look'

A close-up image of Kim Kardashian West's skin has gone viral on Reddit, causing users to question conventional beauty standards. 

On Jan. 17, a user by the name of 3noot shared a Getty photo of Kardashian West at a Los Angeles Lakers game. As Allure describes it, the image shows the celebrity with "slightly visible pores, some mild texture, and fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead." In the age of social media, perhaps the most surprising fact is that the photo itself is an unedited and unfiltered snapshot of Kardashian West. 

"She has an amazing realistic looking skin, and keep in mind that she has access to the best skin products/treatments in the world," 3noot posted. "Don’t be deceived by the high skin standards that is put upon you, a flawless skin doesn’t exist in real life, only on instagram."