Horrific video shows dog yelping in pain as it is barbecued alive at a Chinese market

A horrific video of a dog yelping in pain as it was roasted alive on a barbecue in a Chinese meat market has been shared online by animal rights activists. The video was shared by campaign group No To Dog Meat as they called for an end to the barbaric trade. The dog is seen trying to open its battered jaw to cry out as it was barbecued at a meat market in Yulin, China.

Another video shows men pouring boiling water from pans over a half-skinned dog which was still alive.

The activists also shared another video of a dog stuffed into a cramped cage in filthy conditions in a meat market in the Chinese city of Yulin, which is known for the dog meat festival.

The videos were shared in preparation for a march to the Chinese embassy in London today, where activists are demanding an end to the trade of dogs and cats for food.