Coconut Water Boosts Immune System

Coconut Water is a natural isotonic beverage filled with immune boosting vitamins and nutrients. This healthy electrolyte drink has potassium, calcium, and magnesium. When a coconut is ripe, the water inside hardens and forms the white flesh of the coconut. Coconut water is the liquid from young unripe coconuts before this process begins. For centuries, locals in tropical regions have been drinking coconut water to boost their immune systems and gain vitality. This nutrient-rich beverage includes organic compounds with beneficial growth properties that can dramatically improve your health. Coconut water contains vitamins which help stop fatigue, chloride, cytokinins, and lauric acid. Completely free of chemicals it is safe to give to children and babies. Some pregnant women prefer drinking coconut water as a natural aid to help ease digestion problems during pregnancy. The lauric acid found in coconut water is the same as human breast milk. Regular consumption of coconut water can naturally improve immunity, increase metabolism, alter HDL, and detoxify the body. Consistently drinking coconut water can help regulate intestinal function which is known to provide a myriad of health benefits including a clearer complexion. The monolaurin in coconut water which acts as an antiviral monoglyceride has the ability to kill an assortment of viruses and bacteria in the body. In many third world countries, itís used as a blood plasma alternative method known as the Coconut IV. Wounded soldiers in wars were revived using coconut water. The nutrients and hydration simulates the plasma which contributes to 55% of human blood. As an isotonic and natural electrolyte beverage coconut water is a great alternative to sugary energy drinks. Rich in calcium, this drink serves as a nutritious cholesterol free boost after workouts. Coconut water has less calories and sodium than most soft drinks or juices in the supermarket. Coconut water is high in potassium. According to the Journal of Clinical Hypertension, individuals with high blood pressure often suffer from low levels of potassium in their diet. Drinking coconut water regularly can significantly reduce your risk of hypertension. Cultures throughout the world that use coconut in various forms such as a beverage or health tonic have fewer diseases and ailments.