What Sin Has Volta Region Committed Against Akufo-Addo? - Oscar Doe Asks

International busineman and Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has decried the recent clampdown (by the Akufo-Addo administration) on radio stations in the Volta region, which has seen more than 8 FM stations shut down.

The reputable businessman specifically called out at the communications minister, Ursula Owusu for supervising such assault on freedom of expression in the country. He described her as 'a big disgrace to Ghana's democracy', in his public post today. Read the post in full below.. 


Why Volta Region?
More Than 8 Radio stations have been closed down in Volta region recently, namely;Tongu Radio, Hogbe Radio, Sekpele Radio, Radio Kpando, Dayi FM, Akpini FM, Light FM, Abacc FM etc.

Communications minister, Ursula Owusu is a big disgrace to Ghana's democracy! It is only freedom of expression and rule of law that can create a prosperous societies like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Argentina , Mexico, India, New Zealand, Etc.

So where is the Akufo Addo's 'Champion of Democracy' mantra? Scam! Where is (his) credentials as 'Protector of (the) Rule of Law? Missing! Scam!

Are we now in (an) authoritarian regime? Are we heading towards a Venezuelan kind of Government? Probably.

Do we think silencing (the) media and suppression of fair justice is in anyone's interest? No, it's not! It is Bad for Ghana's ability to be prosperous.

Based on his own deeds and actions, President Akufo-Addo is acting against 'Public Trust', hurting 'Public Confidence' (and he is) no longer trustworthy! Akufo Addo has become dangerously incompetent!

Volta Region was taken out of the 2020 road construction budget and now, a massive crackdown on radio stations in (going on in) the region! What sin has the Volta region committed? Why Volta Region? Sad moment for Ghana.