Ghana Will Go Down The Drain If... - Dela Edem

Communications team member for the National Democratic Congres (NDC), Dela Edem has categorically stated that Ghana's educational system will go down the drain should the Pre-Tertiary bill be accepted and approved by parliament.

"The educational system of Ghana will go down the drain should the pre-tertiary bill be accepted by parliament."

He said, district assemblies for years in this country have not been able to manage itself for a better common assemblies, therefore how can it manage a whole Pre-Tertiary education system as the incoming bill states.

The trained teacher, Dela Edem argued that the ruling government is not taking the right path in dealing with educational issues´╝îjust to satisfy its political gains which will affect the nation soon.

"Stakeholder consultations should have been held amongst educational parties involved before a final decision be taken to parliament for approval."

In addition, he asserted on UTV's 'Adekye Nsroma' newspaper discussion programme that "I say with all confidence as a teacher that it will be very difficult for district assemblies to manage the Pre-Tertiary aspect of our education in this country"