Let�s respect human rights - Tweneboa-Kodua

The Ghana National Association of Social Workers (GNASW), has underscored the need for civil society to continue to fight for the protection of citizens� human rights. A statement signed by the Association�s President, Mr Peter Amos Tweneboa-Kodua in commemoration of World Social Work Day, which falls on Tuesday, said all governments should be concern about human rights and the need to respect them. The theme for this year�s celebration is: �Making Human Rights Real-The Social Work Agenda.� The Association saluted individuals, groups, and organizations championing the cause of human rights for their relentless efforts in ensuring that all human beings enjoyed basic rights and freedoms. It reminded the international community that the provision of human rights was concerned with ensuring that people the world over, received and enjoyed the rights conferred on them by international human rights instruments. �All nations should be concerned with ensuring that all people are able to make living for themselves and provide themselves with adequate standards of living without compromising their human rights while maintaining their dignity,� the statement said. The Association commended social workers for their role in helping individuals and groups of people all over the globe, whose rights had been violated to lead dignified and better lives. It noted with satisfaction that the implementation of International Human Rights Conventions, treaties and agreements, focused on individual civil and political rights in order to guarantee fair trials, the right to vote and freedom from torture and abuse.