Stop Peddling Wicked Rumors Against Obour! - HRH Oscar Doe Stands By Musician

Respected businessman, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has expressed solidarity to former President of MUSIGA, Bice Kuffuor, popularly known as Obour, who has been facing a lot of tounge-lash from many Ghanaians since the death of his dad 2 days ago following suspected complications from COVID-19 infection.

Obour's dad, Nana Osei Boansi Kuffuor died in Accra, few days after returning from the UK where he went for a regular medical checkup and allegedly caught the virus. But Ghanaians are calling for his head for not revealing his dad's condition and travel history on time, alleging tht the deceased might have infected medical personnels who attended to him in Ghana (as well as this tht came in contact with him) with the coronavirus.

Rather than hurling insults and condemnations at the former musicians' union Chairman, HRH Doe believes he deserves the empathy and compassion of Ghanaians at this trying times. He urged Ghanaians to stop spreading wicked rumours against the well-known Artiste who is eyeing a seat in the Ghana Parliament at the next election. He released a public statement to that effect. Read it below.

I, HRH Oscar Yao Doe, Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With (MUSIGA) President Obour, Especially During This Challenging Moment, Following The Passing of His Beloved Father. I Extend My Condolence To His Family and Loved Ones.

Obour's Reputation Is Authentic and Solid. Even Though We (Humans) Are Not Perfect ; We Are All Full Of Stupidity, Foolishness And Weaknesses Sometimes, I Can Say Without Any Doubt In My Mind That President Obour is a Good Guy With A Kind Heart Full of Empathy And Compassion. He Is a Great Guy. I Know Him Well And I LOVE HIM DEARLY. I Endorse His Ambition To Become a Member of Parliament For Asante Akyem South (AAS). He Is a Great Guy With Kind Heart.

Let Me Advice Those Who Are Peddling False Rumours About Obour.. Even If Someone Contacts The Coronavirus, It's Not a Death Sentence. No It's Not! We Are All Vulnerable To Illnesses, Including Coronavirus. Stop Your Wicked Rumours.
What President Obour And His Family Need During This Difficult Moment Is Our Prayers, Words of Comfort, Encouragement and Support.
I Urge President Obour My Good Friend To Remain Resolute. God In Heaven is With You And Shall See You Through This Stormy Period. I Trust You. Stay Safe, Stay Blessed. I, HRH OSCAR YAO DOE Support John 'Caring, Compassionate' Mahama For President.