Rt. Rev Anyani-Boadum Writes On Dealing With The Corona Virus Pandemic And Beyond

Dealing with the Corona Virus pandemic and beyond - A word to District and Regional Administrative Councils

Rt. Rev Nana Anyani-Boadum.

Time To Think Differently.

Thinkers are not easily overwhelmed.

What positive response can our Local Government Structures bring to bear on the Coronavirus situation which is largely community-based but which in the long run is beyond the effort of the individual to manage?

The Coronavirus crisis call for THINKERS to lead the campaign that will defeat the pandemic in our communities.

The THINKERS on my mind should not only be at the Jubilee House. This situation calls for THINKERS at the community level with the dual ability to assess the potential threat of the virus and also deploy the best ways to protect our communities in the current situation and the aftermath of the threat.

Those in charge of our local government structures should set up crisis response systems or improve the parameters of existing ones if any, than to wait for instructions from the President of the Republic of Ghana.

However, in other for the Administration(Jubilee House) and the MMDAs to sing from the same page, there should be proper coordination and effective top-down information flow to the local level structures.

For example, to avoid distortions, the MMDAs should be privy to the regular inter agency interventions and policies being rolled out to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, so that they can convey same at their levels.

The Corona Virus pandemic and the likes of it require the effective use of the experience of local government experts to minimize the devastating impact on the community.

But the question is, how well can this virus be handled at the local government level if the communities are headed by easily daunted leaders who got to their position by reason other than competence?

In that case, the government will have to overstretch its resources because a blunt edge will require extra strength to bring this intimidating virus down.

This call is for practical actions that will positively promote, enhance and impact the communities in this crisis situation like the COVID-19 and beyond.

Recognizing that we sell our foodstuffs mainly on bare floors, and the filth that engulfs our communities coupled with our close body association in crowded environments, it's time to think differently.

This is the time to make use of the unit committee structures at the core of our local governance structures. I tried monitoring some markets at some districts and most of our markets are still overwhelmed with all manner of mundane activities.

It's time to make sense of the DECENTRALISATION concept.